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X-ray power dispersive spectrometer of Epsilon 3
  • X-ray power dispersive spectrometer of Epsilon 3

X-ray power dispersive spectrometer of Epsilon 3

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Country of manufacture:Netherlands
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X-ray power dispersive spectrometer of PANalytical Epsilon 3XL and Epsilon 3.

Range of the defined elements from F to U, range of concentration of elements at the level from ppm shares to 100%.

Series of desktop mini-devices of development of the PANalyical company.
Are intended for the exact and reproduced analysis of a chemical composition as in field and in vitro.

High analytical opportunities, low cost and the minimum degree of an expenditure of replaceable materials, do devices of the Epsilon 3 series by the most universal of all known analogs.

Carrying out the analysis on devices of the Epsilon 3 series does not require special preparation. Only electroconnection of 220 Century is required.


  • metallurgy
  • mining industry
  • cement
  • ferroalloys
  • petrochemistry
  • polymers
  • pharmaceutics
  • ceramics, glass
  • criminalistics, customs
  • food industry
  • electronics, in compliance with the RoHS and WEEE standards
  • at scientific researches and many others

In spectrometers new x-ray tubes of own production PANalytical with a power up to 15 Watts with a thin beryllium window of 50 microns are used thanks to what very exact and deep analysis of any materials is possible.

For increase in accuracy and reproducibility of results, for the first time in power dispersive spectrometers the technology of control of internal state of the device is applied: thermostabilization, pressure, protection against dust.

The software most clearly and "in a friendly way" for the user, 100% ON is translated into Russian. All types of corrections at creation of calibrations and the semi-quantitative analysis, are applied to receiving truly correct and reproduced result of the analysis.

As well as for MiniPal 4 for Epsilon 3 the program module of the semi-quantitative analysis Omniandlya of the analysis of unknown tests without use of standards is optimized. The unique Onmian module for the semi-quantitative analysis has the amplest opportunities for researches of samples of absolutely unknown materials. A possibility of fast scanning of a sample in 1 minute. The error of measurements less than 1% otn is reached. The highest stability of work and sensitivity on all elements provide low errors of the analysis and excellent reproducibility of results.

The detecting block - the solid-state Si-detector (cooled with application of effect of Peltye) with ultralow noise level thanks to what polarization of primary bunch is not required. Speed of the account is up to 200 000 imp / sec.

The programmable purge of a measuring chamber by helium, with an expense less than 0.5 l/min is applied to increase of sensitivity on easy elements, and also the internal state of the device (thermostabilization, pressure, protection against dust) is controlled.

In the new Epsilon 3 model (as well as in MiniPal) the technique of comparison of ranges different materialovfingerprint in compliance with the database of materials is carried out. This program technique allows to distinguish quickly and easily, for example, the forged production from real, to define availability of the forbidden substances, compliance (in %) to any material, etc.


  • Epsilon 3, max. current 1 ma, max. voltage is 30 kV, the max. height of test is 49 mm, from Na to U
  • Epsilon 3 XL, max. current 3 ma, max. on
Country of manufacture:Netherlands
Kind:Spark optical emission
Information is up-to-date: 01.12.2020

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