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X-ray fluorescent spectrometer of Axios mAX
  • X-ray fluorescent spectrometer of Axios mAX

X-ray fluorescent spectrometer of Axios mAX

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X-ray fluorescent spectrometers Axios mAX

X-ray fluorescent wave consecutive spectrometers of new generation.

Development of PANalytical firm for application in various industries: metallurgical, mining, cement, geological, petrochemical, production of ceramics, environmental monitoring and carrying out research works.

Range of the defined elements from Be to U;
Limits of detection of elements at the level from 0,5 to 5 ppm;
X-ray tube - with a face window, max. voltage of 60 kV, are chosen under the user's task. There are following options of tubes:

- power is 1 kW (Axios); 2.4, 3, 4 kW (Axios mAX)
- material of the anode Cr, Rh, Mo, Au
- thickness of Be of a window of 75 microns, 50 microns (Axios mAX Advanced)

Axios mAX spectrometers komplektuyutksya the newest x-ray tubes of SST-mAX made on the ZETA technology (technology of zero evaporation of the cathode of a tube).
Thanks to it tool drift sharply decreases and long-term stability of intensity is provided.
The x-ray tube of a spectrometer of Axios mAX Advanced has unique parameters for improvement sensitivity and speeds of the analysis on easy elements:

- maximum anode current 160 ma;
- thickness of Be of a window of 50 microns;
- power is 4.0 kW;

Goniometer DOPS:
- scanning speed: from 0,001 to 10 degrees of 2 q a second;
- turn speed: 40 degrees of 2 q a second;
- accuracy of installation of a corner: 0,0025 degrees;
- reproducibility of installation of a corner 0,0001 degrees;

Installation of two fixed channels for increase of productivity and the new scintillation detector with the maximum calculating loadings to 3.5 million imp. / for expansion of range of the defined concentration on one graduation is possible sec.

The new software of the quantitative analysis of SuperQ 5.0 with a Pro-Trace package allows to bring closer as much as possible the lower limits of definition of elements to statistical limits of detection.
The newest package of the besstandartny analysis OMNIAN makes available the analysis of any objects without special calibration.
The software package of FP-Multi gives the chance to analyze thickness and element structure of layers of coverings and dusting.

The Makrolab LTD company carries out full support of users of spectrometers of production PANalytical, including training in work at the equipment, methodical consultations, maintenance.

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Information is up-to-date: 01.12.2020

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