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Microwave systems for the accelerated ashing - Phoenix
  • Microwave systems for the accelerated ashing - Phoenix

Microwave systems for the accelerated ashing - Phoenix

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Microwave Phoenix high-temperature ovens:

Are used for ashing, drying, roasting, fusing, determination of ash content, the rest after calcinating and losses when calcinating. Due to superfast warming up (to 1200 ° C - in 5 minutes), the combined mechanism of heating and the improved convection, process of preparation of tests considerably accelerates (5-10 times faster, than in normal muffle furnaces).
The system komplekutsya by the unique crucibles from porous quartz fiber of the different sizes which are providing the improved access of air to a sample and cooling down within several seconds, however it is possible to use any crucibles which are applied in normal muffle furnaces, including platinum, porcelain, nickel, steklouglerodny, quartz. The soldered quartz crucibles for ashing without air access are in addition delivered.

Examples of application

Plastics, chemical reactants, products of pulp and paper industry and food industry, pharmaceuticals, waste of water treatment constructions, etc.

Advantages of the equipment

  • Programmable temperature monitoring and speeds of its rise for different temperature ranges
  • Embedded highly effective exhaust system
  • Microprocessor control, storage in memory to 20 eight-phasic techniques of ashing, system of self-diagnostics, calibration and check of temperature according to requirements of ISO and GLP
  • Purge air for acceleration of ashing and removal of a smoke and vapors
  • Protection against an overheat and destruction of the thermocouple
  • The Phoenix furnace completely meets the requirements of ASTM, USP (281 - ROI & 733-LOI), AOAC, FDA, ISO & DIN to electric ovens and requirements to the testing facility for the following methods:
    - ASTM D5630-94 Definition of ashes in thermoplastics
    - ASTM D1506-94b Definition of ashes in coal
    - USP 281 ROI (the rest after calcinating / sulphatic ashing)
    - USP 733 LOI (losses when calcinating)

Phoenix furnaces can be also put:

- in the form of the workstation (complete with analytical scales and the printer)
- the Phoenix furnace for sulphatic ashing - allows to carry out ashing of pharmaceutical preparations, fillers and raw materials within several minutes. At the same time according to ISO 14000 safe removal and neutralization of dioxide of sulfur and vapors of nitric acid is carried out
- the Phoenix Airwave furnace with the strengthened exhaust system and a purge air for fast and safe ashing of the tests containing a large amount of organic substance. At the same time need of preliminary ashing of test with use of a torch or tile is excluded. Reduction of volume of a sample happens within several minutes by fast evaporation, and the purge air accelerates oxidation of a sample

Depending on application it is possible to select one of modifications of the Phoenix furnace:

- heating to 1000 0C, the volume of the camera of 5 l (to 15 25-ml crucibles at the same time);
- heating to 1200 0C, the volume of the camera of 1.8 l (to 8 25-ml crucibles at the same time).

Typical time of ashing in the Phoenix microwave oven:

Sample type Normal time of ashing,
Time of microwave ashing, min. Reduction of time,
Butyl rubber 90 20 78
Tinned cat's forage 300 10 97
Coal 240 40 83
Egg (the dried-up yolks) 240 20 92
Graphite powder 240 35 85
Kaolin 120 30 75
Lactose 960 35 96
Paper 60 10 83
Polyair (filled) 480 15 97
Polyethylene (blank) 30 5 83
Polypropylene 30 5 83
Fowl 120 10 92
Silicon carbides 120 10 92
Stearates 90 5 94
TiO 2 60 10 83
Brand:CEM Corporation
Country of manufacture:United States
Information is up-to-date: 01.12.2020

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