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GHC - Three-section tubular furnaces with a wire winding
  • GHC - Three-section tubular furnaces with a wire winding

GHC - Three-section tubular furnaces with a wire winding

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Country of manufacture:United Kingdom
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Standard functions

  • The maximum working temperature is 1200 °C
  • Due to division of the heated length into 3 sections, each of which is equipped with own regulator and the thermocouple, excellent uniformity of temperature is provided
  • The energy given to trailer sections automatically is regulated for compensation of loss of heat, even without the established trailer caps
  • Provides longer zone of uniformity, than in the single-section tubular furnace
  • The heated length of a tube 450, 600,750,900, 1050 or 1200 mm
  • It is possible to establish working tubes with an external diameter up to 170 mm
  • All three sections are regulated on one preset value
  • Horizontal configuration and installation of the furnace on the module of management
  • The PID-regulator of linear change of temperature on preset values with the timer of processes

Additional opportunities (specify at the order)

  • Possibility of the order of working tubes from various materials
  • Trailer sections 150 mm or 300 mm long
  • Insulating caps and screens for protection against radiation for prevention of loss of heat and improvement of uniformity of temperatures
  • Trailer consolidations for the tubes suitable for injection of gas and vacuum
  • 8 and 20-segment programmable temperature controllers
  • RS232 and RS485 ports
  • Regulator configuration with repeated transfer of a preset value for ensuring programmable cooling
  • On demand furnaces under specific objectives of the user can be manufactured

Options of management

  • Auxiliary controller of temperature of 2132
  • Standard controller of temperature 301
  • Programmable controllers of temperature 3508

The MAKROLAB company is created in 2005 and specializes in deliveries of laboratory equipment for the solution of the following tasks:

  • Sample preparations, namely: representative sampling, mechanical crushing, definition of fractional structure, preparation of tablets for RFA (Retsch GmbH).
  • High-quality optical systems for the analysis of a form and the sizes of particles with a working range from 1 micron to 30 mm (Retsch Technology).
  • Microwave preparation of tests (acid decomposition, extraction), combustion, organic synthesis, synthesis of peptides, express analysis of moisture and fat (CEM Corporation).
  • Preparation of metalgraphic samples, since machines with manual giving to the difficult programmable automated systems of sample preparation operated by modern microprocessors - the equipment for cutting, a press fitting, polishing and polishing (Metkon Instruments Ltd).
  • Measurement and control of hardness of metals and alloys without change of its structure - hardness gages (Innovatest).
  • Preparation of laboratory tests for RFA by method of alloyage of glass disks in gold-platinum crucibles, receiving solutions for the analysis by the AA and ICP-OES methods (Corporation Scientifique Claisse).
  • The express analysis of metals and alloys - mobile and stationary spark optiko-issue spectrometers on the basis of CCD detectors (ARUN TECHNOLOGY).
  • X-ray fluorescent (XRF) and the X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis - X-ray fluorescent, power dispersive spectrometers and x-ray diffractometers (PANalytical B.V.).
Country of manufacture:United Kingdom
Information is up-to-date: 01.12.2020

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