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Automatic press of ECOPRESS - 200
  • Automatic press of ECOPRESS - 200

Automatic press of ECOPRESS - 200

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Country of manufacture:Turkey
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Programmable automatic press with two cylinders, 5,7" the screen with touch management, the programmable sequences of a press fitting, electrohydraulic pressure (does not demand compressed air), pressure in a compression mold to 300 bars, temperature to 200 °C, operating time up to 59:99 minutes, short time of a cycle, thermostatic adjustable power of heating of 2х1250 W, an automatic cycle of cooling with two modes of speed of cooling (bystry and slow cooling), the programmed preliminary heating and preliminary loading, a possibility of the choice of compression molds to dia. from 25 to 50 mm, the sound warning signal of the termination of a cycle of a press fitting. It is delivered with a standard set of expendables from 5 various compounds for a hot press fitting: 1 kg of everyone, total 5 kg.

At a hot press fitting the sample is mounted in polymeric material at high temperature and pressure by means of a metalgraphic press.

Cold filling is recommended to be applied to samples which are sensitive to temperature and pressure (for example, coverings, printed circuit boards, etc.). Pitches for cold filling are easy-to-work and demand production of mix which then is filled in in a form with a sample and is left before full hardening.

The MAKROLAB company is created in 2005 and specializes in deliveries of the laboratory equipment for the solution of the following tasks:

  • Sample preparations, namely: representative sampling, mechanical crushing, definition of fractional structure, preparation of tablets for RFA (Retsch GmbH).
  • High-quality optical systems for the analysis of a form and the sizes of particles with a working range from 1 micron to 30 mm (Retsch Technology).
  • Microwave preparation of tests (acid decomposition, extraction), combustion, organic synthesis, synthesis of peptides, express analysis of moisture and fat (CEM Corporation).
  • Preparation of metalgraphic samples, since machines with manual giving to the difficult programmable automated systems of sample preparation operated by modern microprocessors - the equipment for cutting, a press fitting, grinding and polishing (Metkon Instruments Ltd).
  • Measurement and control of hardness of metals and alloys without change of its structure - hardness gages (Innovatest).
  • Preparation of laboratory tests for RFA by method of alloyage of glass disks in gold-platinum crucibles, receiving solutions for the analysis by the AA and ICP-OES methods (Corporation Scientifique Claisse).
  • The express analysis of metals and alloys - mobile and stationary spark optiko-issue spectrometers on the basis of CCD detectors (ARUN TECHNOLOGY).
  • X-ray fluorescent (XRF) and the X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis - X-ray fluorescent, power dispersive spectrometers and x-ray diffractometers (PANalytical B.V.).
Country of manufacture:Turkey
Information is up-to-date: 01.12.2020

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