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Analyzer of humidity of MA. / C
  • Analyzer of humidity of MA. / C

Analyzer of humidity of MA. / C

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Country of manufacture:Poland
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Analyzers of humidity of MA./С productions Radwag - the modern laboratory electronic measuring devices intended for determination of weight and relative humidity or the dry rest in any loose and liquid products (except oil products), such as: grain, sugar, yeast, dairy products, meat products, nuts, tree, paper, building materials, detergents and many others.

The Radwag firm (Poland) changed designs of the analyzers of humidity — in all basic models with the most with the temperature of heating 160 gr. With - infrared lamps of heating instead of halogen.
Devices with an infrared lamp provide the best accuracy and repeatability of results, drying term is shorter, besides the majority of samples can be dried up by an infrared lamp, halogen is not such universal.
Though the infrared heater is more expensive - humidity analyzers, at the moment, we offer at the promotional prices which lower than were before change of a design.


  • The hydrometer will replace to you a classical way of determination of humidity (a drying cabinet + scales) and will reduce measurement time — all process will take 5-20 minutes depending on a product.
  • The liquid crystal display on which it is highlighted: time, weight, humidity, drying temperature.
  • The built-in software of the analyzer of humidity of RADWAG supports 6 databases and provides a possibility of work for several operators.
  • The library of the program allows the user to program up to 100 own unique programs of drying in the device. For work of system it will only be necessary to choose the name of the necessary product, but not to enter every time all parameters of drying.
  • Memory of parameters and results of 1000 measurements.
  • 4 ways of drying.
  • Presentation of process of drying through a window in the device case.
  • Simplicity of work (order of performance of measurements).
  • Automatic completion of process of drying.
  • Automatic calculation of results of measurements.
  • Exchange of information within system is carried out through USB port. It is possible to import and export databases by means of a memory card.

Technical information:

Functions of scales:
- weighing;
- determination of humidity;
- compensation of mass of a container;
- 4 modes of drying;
- possibility of programming of the F1 and F2 keys.

6 independent databases which support work and store information about:
- to 100 users;
- to 1000 names of products;
- to 1000 weighings;
- to 100 programs of drying;
- to 1000 reports on results of drying.

Brand of scales - hydrometers MA 50/C/P MA 110/C/P MA 210/C/P MA 50/C/1/P
Maximum load, 50 110 210 50
Accuracy class according to GOST 24104-88 4 4 3 2

Discretization of weighing, 0,001 0,0001
Minimum loading, 0,02 0,002
Discretization of determination of humidity, % 0,01 0,001
Accuracy of exposure of temperature, °C 1
Range of temperature of drying, °C 50-160
Measurement time, with 1-59
The maximum time of drying which is possible for setting, hv 110
On the display it is highlighted

Drying time - the weight (humidity of %),
- drying temperature

Diameter of a disposable plate
, mm
Temperature of operation, °C +5 - +30
Weight gross, kg 8,5
Indicator liquid crystal
Number of databases 6
lass accuracy of DSTU EN 45501 ІІ MA 50/C/1/P - І
Maximum temperature of drying, °C to 250 (under the order)

Delivery set:

Is included in the package of delivery: the analyzer of humidity, 10 cups for tests,

the operation manual with a mark about checking of measurement of weight and humidity.

Surcharge for performance of MA. / W - with a max. temperature of drying of 250 °C (halogen lamps of heating) - 603,7 at. e. $.
Surcharge for performance of MA. / S - devices with a steel lamp of heating compliance with requirements of HACCP - 603,7 at. e. $.

Country of manufacture:Poland
Information is up-to-date: 01.12.2020

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