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Analyzer of ELEMENTRAC ON-p oxygen / nitrogen
  • Analyzer of ELEMENTRAC ON-p oxygen / nitrogen

Analyzer of ELEMENTRAC ON-p oxygen / nitrogen

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The ELEMENTRAC ON-p analyzer determines the content of oxygen and nitrogen in inorganic materials by method of recovery melting in current of inert gas in the pulse furnace with a temperature up to 3,000 °C.

The ELEMENTRAC ON-p analyzer guarantees the exact and fast analysis. The analyzer allows to make analyses in various materials, such as metals, ceramics and other inorganic materials.
The ELEMENTRAC ON-p analyzer can have to two infrared cells with various length a ditch, closing both the low and high range of contents of oxygen. Content of nitrogen in the ON-900 analyzer decides on the help of a stable and sensitive cell of heat conductivity.

Examples of application

alloys, cast iron, ceramics, copper, ogneupor, steel

Advantages of the equipment

  • the simultaneous analysis of oxygen and nitrogen by method of recovery melting in current of inert gas
  • new: the closed gas scheme and the optimized gas carrier stream for the sensitive analysis of oxygen and nitrogen
  • new: possibility of use of cheaper gas carrier of argon
  • new: more productive catalytic furnace for the analysis of oxygen
  • new: electronic control of speed of a gas stream and automatic test for leakages of gas system
  • new: the device of dumping of a sample cooled by water for effective removal of atmospheric gases
  • flexible configuration of the analyzer and the adjusted ranges of measurements for O and N
  • high chuvstitelnost of IK of the detector and detector of heat conductivity, low limits of detection
  • short time of the analysis
  • the powerful pulse furnace with a power of 8,5 kW for temperatures to 3,000 °C
  • new: reactants and tubes with reactants are closed by a forward door (the door can be removed)
  • new: absolutely new software allowing to carry out export of data and techniques
  • single-point and multipoint calibration (linear regression)
  • new: cooling of the furnace with tap water, heat exchanger or chiller
  • the new design allows to use the analyzer in production and laboratory
Country of manufacture:Germany
Information is up-to-date: 01.12.2020

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